Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Havoc+ Scratch

Hello people who live,

I am really sorry that I haven't posted in ages but I'm here now. The reasons for my not being here are
1. Christmas Havoc
2. Occasionally the 'i' button on my laptop stops working and then I feel stupid because it looks like I can't spell. Also the 'k' key goes as well but not as important. Hey! From now on in this post I will try not to use the letter 'k'. NOW!
3. The third reason for my not being here is that the computer teacher in my school sent me the address of a webpage to download a program in an e-mail and I have been trying to get my head around then I realised that also in the e-mail were the web addresses of some helpful tutorials on how to use it. It's actually quite fun!!

So there you have it, my reasons. I will hopefully be posting more often now but I have got a lot of things to do. I have to write a debate, in Irish. Normally I wouldn't mind but it's the holidays!! It won't take long so I'm sure it'll be fine.

P.S: I didn't use any of the forbidden letter (k)!!!!!

Monday, 12 December 2011


You're just a daydream away,
I wouldn't know what to say if I had you,
And I'll keep you a daydream away,
Just watch from a safe place,
So I don't have to lose.

I'm grinning like a fool.

Christmas Exams and Nightmares

Hello to all who read,

I just finished one of my many Christmas exams. CSPE. Civic, Social and Political Education. Fun. I had prepared for this madly by typing out about half the book. I could recite everything I had typed. It didn't help in the test. I forgot the simplest thing but I got everything else, I think. My nightmare has stopped, which is brilliant, I kept waking up at 5 or 6am and lying there to terrified to move, just staring at the door hoping that the monster man wouldn't jump out and eat me. I also had a different nightmare. I had just finished my Christmas maths exam and we were given the results but I had failed and was told that I had to move to pass level. To me that is terrifying. I have strange dreams. I really need to do something about it. I probably won't. Oh well. Here is a quote from Charles Bukowski:

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead. 

That one's for you, Aoife.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The World

Hello people,

I seem to have a need to help people. Whether that is someone doesn't have a pencil or fasting for Concern or giving money to a cause. I am in the Peace & Social Justice Group at school and we raise awareness about certain issues and raise money for certain organisations. I love it, I feel like I'm changing the world, one step at a time. I'm just crazy enough to think that.


Friday, 9 December 2011



My sister showed me and my other sister this very funny site. She showed it to us because it took her about 6 months to teach my eighteen-year-old sister how puns work. Tonight my sister actually made a pun. She then said, "It's punny!" It was a cause for celebration. The site my sister showed us was Octopuns. It is very punny. I'll put it in my 'Websites worth waiting for your computer to load for'. I love my sisters, they're very punny. I'll stop now, I'm not even sure if the last one makes any sense..... Aoife, I think you need to teach me about puns too.....


New Christmassy Design

New Christmassy design, watcha think????

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Heroes---All Time Low


This is a song that makes me glad that this isn't a 'trendy' or popular blog. It also reminds a lot of certain people, books and events. Filed under latest nostalgia.

This video nor its content/soundtrack is not mine. All rights to the respective owners.

Love it,
P.S: I was thinking of designing a signature isn't of just typing my name all the time. Watcha think?? 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nightmares, Dreams and Summer: Focusing on the Nightmare

Hey guys,

Ugh, I'm so wrecked. This blog is called Nightmares, Dreams and Summer and I have been having a recurring nightmare. It is terrifying. It is going on a boat and arriving on some bit of land and under the pier there is a rock face with a cave in it and in the cave is a scrawny, little man and a thing that looks enough like a human but has elongated teeth (all of them, not just the canines so he's not a vampire) and horrible, peeling skin. I can hear them
talking and this is how it goes:
Scrawny Man: When do you want it? (whimpering)
Monster-Man:! I need it now! (His voices croaks as he says the 'as', 'soon' and 'as'.)
S-M: Okay, I'll go. (cowering away from him)
(Scrawny-Man leaves, hobbling as he goes)
Monster-Man turns and starts going into the cave while licking his hand but then the boat sounds a whistle or something and he turns back around.
(seeing me looking at him...)
M-M: Hmmm..., you.
I stare at him, horror-struck.
M-M: I guess I'll be seeing you around. (he licks his lips and says it menacingly and I can see his eyes, they're like  a cats, glinting in the moonlight)
He turns and runs into the cave and I look at something that he was standing over, it's a pile of bones, human bones with scraps of meat still on them and a skull in the centre of the pile.

Freaky or what?? Seriously what's wrong with my subconscious??? I need to do something about it......


Friday, 25 November 2011


 Hello people of earth who read my blog or random people who have stumbled onto this wondering what the hell I'm on about,

My French teacher is a wonderfully eccentric woman and therefore she is obviously hilariously funny. She takes up entire classes telling us how she does not follow fashion but still somehow manages to look stylish and fashionable (her words, not mine but she does pull it off exceptionally well). We were on the topic of bread and then somehow we ended up on the topic of beans, yes beans you saw the title of this post didn't you? My teacher starts telling us this tale of how she and her husband had an argument over the colour of beans, yes the colour of beans now stop interrupting me.Her husband thought beans were orange but she thought that they were white and they looked orange because they came in a red sauce. So when she was using beans in the making of their dinner she drained a couple. She saw they were white and felt triumphant so she went out to the shop. She came back to find that the beans were now orange. Her husband had gone out and bought an orange magic marker and coloured the beans orange. He never admitted to it, he always said that they were orange and she just thought they were white.

I laughed, a lot,

Sunday, 13 November 2011



I am a nerd and I love it. I read for at least two hours a day on a busy day. Probably twelve hours on a good day. I work in the computer room at lunch times. I love star wars. I really want to see star trek. I get to love things in whole. Here are some quotes, in picture form, from a fellow nerd:


I am reblogging this from Wil Wheaton, who posted it on his tumblr. I said a thing that Wil Wheaton posted on his tumblr.
(Once, I met Wil Wheaton at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair. He was very nice.)



I am WAY too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.
I actually tend to flail my limbs in enthusiasm.

My enthusiasm leads to happy dances, squealing, screaming, clapping, bouncing, and manic grinning.
I’m pretty damn proud to be enthusiastic about things.

What do you think??

Saturday, 12 November 2011



Have any of you ever read the blog, WORD FOR TEENS? It is a good blog and has cool photographs of amazing bookcases like secret lair kind of thing!! I so want bookcase No. 55!!! Amazing. I like that word a lot, amazing. I am now on goodreads!! My name is also just Clíodhna. I love goodreads, it makes keeping track of my reading so much easier!! I am also loving Spider Solitare, even if I am terrified of spiders.....

(P.S: No links to pictures of spiders please, I will get freaked out and never blog again or if that was what you were aiming for I will blog everyday about random stuff and go on and on..... just like I am now.....)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Book Review: Stravaganza: City of Masks

Title: City of Masks
Author: Mary Hoffman
Series: Stravaganza
Position in series: 1st
Released: 2002
Source: Library

Thoughts: This was a brilliant book. The plot was fantastic, it was gripping but slow. That was my one problem with this book. It was great but I couldn't get into it, it wasn't the type of book that had me by the throat and made me read it all in one night. It took me a long time to read it. It took a week.

The descriptions in this book were so vivid, I felt like I really was in Bellezza and I loved the way (MINI SPOILER ALERT) that the author twisted one bit of history and everything changed. No Church of England so no Anglicans and (SPOILER IS OVER)Venice was known as Bellezza and it was great. It was still in the same world in the sense that it wasn't supernatural creatures or it wasn't on another planet but it has a different feel to it. It makes you feel like you're in a completely different world. It makes you feel as though you are in Bellezza.


Thursday, 27 October 2011



I like this picture although I have never been that good at it, before I saw this picture I didn't even know how to spell it. I will learn.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beauty over Intelligence? Or Intelligence over beauty?

Hello people,

I have a deep and meaningful question for you. If you had to chose which would you chose? Beauty or Intelligence? I personally would chose Intelligence because whenever I do something different to my hair I tend to mess with it during class rather than listen. I don't know about all of you but that is my choice and if worst comes to the worst and I want beauty I'll be smart enough to make myself beautiful.

Another message, my neighbours' dog ate my phone. I'm so glad it wasn't my homework because I doubt the teachers would take that excuse. (Giggling at my own joke). I have another question for you this week:

How often do we skip a day or go back in time?

Think about it,
P.S: I will (hopefully) be posting a review of a brilliant book tomorrow!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello randomers whom I do not know,

I have a question for you (I will give my opinion on this on Wednesday):

Does being pretty or popular affect how well you do in school or how well you concentrate?


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Writing 'til my heart stops beating


I have a little poem for you today. I wrote it after CSPE (Civic, Social and Political Education) class because I was annoyed with  my teacher because she had said we had to write a poem about a bully but then she changed her mind and gave us a story about a bully to write a poem on. I normally love just being given a word or a phrase or a sentence and having to write about it because I can twist it into anything I want it to be but this was a story and it was a very limited story, she said that the bully was being accused by their teacher that they bullied someone but the bully didn't think that they bullied the person just that the person annoyed them. Anyway I am going very off subject here so here is the poem: 

 Give me something to write about,
 A word, a phrase, a sentence
 Give me something to write about                                                                          
 Give me a word, I'll give you a page                
 Give me a phrase, I'll give you a notebook,
 Give me a sentence and I'll give you a whole novel,
 Just give me something to write about,

Well, I wrote it in two minutes and I'll probably change some of it but I like the essence of it, the whole "I give more than I get because I just love it so much'. And I do love writing so much. In my opinion, you haven't lived until you write with a pen until your fingers ache and not for a test but because you can't get your thoughts out fast enough. Or typing on a computer so much that you barely, or just plain don't, have to even look at the keys because you type so much you know exactly where the right keys are.That, to me, is living. Living in your own head, in your own imaginary world where there might be a few things wrong but nothing that can't be cured with a wave of a wand or a slash of a sword. It sounds violent but it's better than the blast of a gun or the explosion of a bomb which is what there is in the real world and in my imaginary world the whole point of the sash of the sword is so you can bring them back to life to show them what will happen to them if they don't mend their ways. I imagine death as cold, just cold and never being able to be warm again.

Think about it, 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011



I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in a while but I'm here now!! I have been questioning myself a lot this past while. I'd write a post and then think 'wait, is that ok? Will people read it?' so yeah no matter what I am going to post this so don't blame me if it is crap. I have been writing a lot this week. It is all very bad but maybe if I just spew everything in my head onto a page or computer document I can edit it to like GOOD stuff. God knows that would be a miracle (my sister knows too, Hi Aoife!!).
                                                                                        It is also my in between sister's EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY on Friday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINÉAD!!!!!! I got her a lovely present and hopefully she will like it. Did I mention that I love computers??I mean yeah I have a blog but that doesn't mean that I am good a t computers but I am. I was helping out for the computer room at open night at my school last night and it was a lot of fun. I have to go now but I will post again at very least in this week.

Wish me luck with a hectic week!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!!

It's fricking cold outside!! Walking to school at twenty past eight in the morning with a heavy bag on my back and no gloves is not fun! So I bought gloves!! Fingerless gloves!!

Do you like them??? I do.
But it's still cold!! Ah well maybe Darren Criss will sing to me and my sister.....

Probably not but I can still hear him sing!!
Aren't they cute????

P.S: I won't post that dedication because the person I wrote it for will probably kill me for embarrassing her on the Internet, I do it too often.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All Time Low

To be very honest I am loving this song. It is brilliant! It is 'Remembering Sunday' by All Time Low

Clíodhna xxx

P.S: I don't know why I wrote it because I likely won't finish the book but I wrote a dedication for the beginning of the book. Can anyone guess who it is going to be for?

P.P.S: To any Macdara-ers out there, I am SO looking forward to the reunion. If somebody from Macdara-ers reads this then put this in the group on facebook: You are all getting a hug from me, whether you like it or not! Clíodhna xx

Friday, 16 September 2011



Ireland is cold now so I am trying to make myself warm by imagining myself in France. It's not really working. I wish it was but, unfortunately, it's not but fortunately for you I found some very unique pictures of a trip to France when I was.....younger than I am now, anyway they of posts that were painted into cool things!! Yay, cool things!!

 Me walking (or twirling or skipping, I don't remember) down the street with the posts.

Hope you like them!!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lurgan (that word means many things to me now)

Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo people,

I'm back and, boy, have I got a lot of writing for you! Here it is:

At first Lurgan seemed entirely foreign and strange and, to be honest, scary beyond all reason. I was late-ish so my house was already outside and my head of house had to lead me out to them. The girls looked like they were going to skin me alive, now they are all like giant teddy bears and I love and miss them. I do not miss Ben who is boy who I made a bargain with that he would leave me alone if I wrote about him, happy Ben?

The strangest and scariest thing about Lurgan is the impact that it can have on your mind. I am a person who doesn't do something without the tiniest fraction of my heart in the action. Lurgan stripped me to my core. Feelings and actions were raw. The simplest of words affected me. I felt more and put more feeling into my actions, I also couldn't escape. I couldn't escape into my mind and make everything disappear. I didn't have a book to make me forget my reality. I had to live it. Every second had meaning, every second could make a difference. I remember in particular fondness times at the beach when my friends and I would look for rock pools and find crabs and jellyfish. I also remember lunch times spent at the Foosball tables cheering for blue or silver. One lunch time at the Foosball tables that I do not remember happily is the one where my friends made coke come out of my nose (I am NOT explaining that story). The tent is light and airy but the hall is more cozy and home-like, the place you go back to everyday.

The probably saddest thing about Lurgan is how blank my mind was. I said before that I get my inspiration from trees (don't ask, have not got the time to explain), well Connemara? Beautiful but not a lot of trees. I could barely think but something that was good about my mind was that I somehow learnt how to manipulate what I dream about. I would dream about anything I wanted.

Waiting for the bus after a long day, sitting on your ass laughing with friends, listening to Marcus saying "Bus Bán a hAon, Slán" (Bus White No.1, goodbye). Doing impressions of "Turas go Connemara, Wow" (Trip to Connemara, Wow).

The céilís (dances). Just the céilís. "Beirt os corr beirt" (two in front of two) was great craic (fun). My favourite of the actual Irish dancing dances is "seachtar os corr seachtar" (seven in front of seven). It was so much fun! Out of the non-Irish dances my favourite is "The Drolene" (I don't know how to spell it). It was a strange and hilarious dance. I can't even explain it without laughing so I won't.

Getting ready was hard when you were too warm and tired to get up so there were a couple of times when I got on the bus with no shoes on and after running down the driveway which was made of giant loose stones, try running on that (I wouldn't recommend it).

The Irish classes with the "Abair Leat!" sheets on the clipboard with a sharp pencil, if you were lucky. One of the classes was in room no.5 which was outside with picnic benches and a roof over your head (I'm not describing this well, am I?). Anyyway, in room no.5 you would be singing the songs written in or translated into Irish. The classes where you got on a bus and went to another building and did drama, drawing and singing. The classes were different from school, they were pretty okay.

One thing that everyone wanted was the bands. You got a black band when you were caught speaking in Irish when you didn't know there was a teacher there listening to you or there was a code where you went up to the vice principal who basically ran everything and was insane (Cá bhfuil mo bhicycle?) and said "Cén chaoi a bhfuil an craic?" (What way is the fun, basically it means what's up?) and then he asked you and you have to say "Tá sé mighty!" (It's mighty!). You got a blue band when you signed up to AbairLeat BEO, which is like Facebook in Irish, and got five friends. You got a white band when you were happy to be speaking Irish. The most sought after band was the final one, the green band which you got when you helped others with their Irish. I had all four bands by the third Sunday.

There was also a project for each course. The projects involved dressing up, singing, dancing, acting, art (e.g painting), writing songs and scripts and translating songs into Irish. For cúrsa C (course C) two years ago the project was THRILLER!!!!!!! They had to translate Thriller by Michael Jackson into Irish, do all of the make-up (zombies) and dress-up, film it, sing, choreograph the dance, actually dance, edit the film and actually get hundreds of people organized enough to do it.

The project for Cúrsa C 2K11 was (drum roll please.....................) GLEE!!!! This course was now being called Cúrsa Glee or Glurgan (Glee+Lurgan). My class which was an awesome class named.....MACDARA (macdara is the patron saint of Connemara) had to dress up as one of the following, Nerd, Goth/Rocker, Jock or a cheerleader. I was a nerd. I'm trying to get a hold of a picture of me in my nerd stuff so if anyone from Lurgan who is reading this has a copy please leave a comment and I'll send you my email. We had to do a dance and sing a song and act a bit. We didn't have to do much because we were the youngest class there.

Siopa Goal (Goal Shop). Siopa Goal is where everyone got chocolate, crisps, tissues and drinks when they couldn't go to Supervalu. The best thing is that every single cent made in the Siopa is sent to Goal Charity.

Lurgan is a fun experience. One of the funniest things ever was a disco and I was trying to bring my friend, Tara, to a certain person. When I took her Tara was standing next to her boyfriend, Eoghan, and he was trying to follow the insane maze I had made through the crowd and when Tara told me this I decided to be mean and make some more zig-zags and then dragged Tara to somewhere we could just see Eoghan turn around a couple times with a super-confused look on his face but then Tara ruined my funand called him over but he obviously just thought he lost us instead me just being incredibly mean (Sorry Eoghan but it was incredibly funny to watch). I can't blame him though because the disco was dark and hot with lights pulsing across a strip of floor making the normally cosy and warm hall into a place where you could barely see left and right and it feels like anything can happen if you dance enough, like you can go anywhere if you keep walking across the hall. Long description made short: the discos are amazing and can make you forget where the hell you are.

I love the way people show off their talent in Lurgan whether singing along in singing class or writing something and letting others read it or palying guitar in the middle of the hall (for no apparent reason). Every example here is true for one person and Lurgan people will know exactly who I am talking about.

On the last day of Lurgan I felt like crying and I did cry. Several times and very loudly and very messy, sorry to all the people who hugged me when I was crying your jumpers were probably soaked. On the last night after the disco I was the first in my room to fall asleep and Alex, Kyna and Nicole decided to play a prank on me. They wrote on my arms, put hair extensions in my hair, put sweet packets and things that I will not say on this blog on my face. They took several pictures with flash and I still didn't wake up. None the less, NOT FUNNY.

Leaving Lurgan was so hard. That stupid song 'Slán Abhaile' made me cry, a lot (Thanks a bunch Cormac!). The people I meet there were and are one in a million. I miss you all guys!!!!!!!!!! And here is a song by Taylor Swift, Queen of Emotional Sad Songs with Breathe. (When she says You it's plural for everyone in Lurgan) And Macdara-ers? I would happily live those three weeks over and over again for the rest of my life. And a big LOVE to everyone in Teach Noirín!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rain and lots of it


Dreadfully sorry that I haven't written in a while old chaps!! I have been at school which means that I have been bombarded with homework. This is my first day with no homework!! Yippee!!!! *Jumps for joy* It has been raining here with rain and rain and guess what? More rain and don't forget wind. My room is still not clean which leaves (apparently) my sisters with holes in their feet from stepping on stuff on my floor. Now why they are in my room I have yet to find out....        

I went into town with my sister and then met up with my other sister and her friend (who is called penguin and I've yet to know why...) and we ended up playing cards. In the middle of the street. It was a lot of fun, not something that happens everyday. Especially to me because I rarely (and I mean rarely) go into town apart from the library and if I do go I never go with people. Unless you count my dad, I hope he doesn't read this... If he does.... Hi Dad! I love you! You do count!! (lets hope that works!!)


Sunday, 21 August 2011


Okay, I know I said that my lurgan post would be up in a day or two but that was three? two? days ago. I 'm sorry it will be up soon, I promise! School is only a a week away and my room is a complete and utter mess. Needless to say, my parents are not happy.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Strange little kitty

I'm very freaked out at the moment, my cat is purring so loud I can hear him across the room (and over typing sounds), maybe he swallowed something....

I'm going to tell the cows!!

Hello, hello, hello, people of earth,

I am back and I have a funny little picture for you. Also my Lurgan post is taking a while but it will be up in a day or two. Here is that picture I promised you:


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Farewell, I bid you aideau, Slán!!

Greetings to the people of the planet, Earth, this is your all-powerful leader,

I am off to the Gaelteacht tomorrow and I will have no access to the internet (or proper music) for three weeks. I am still packing and walking around saying to myself, 'you can't sit down because I am sure that you forgot something'. I am looking forward to Lurgan (the gaelteacht) immensely. Here is a video of the activities in Lurgan (tags + song are in Irish) 

Bye for three weeks!!
xxx Slán!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh Woe Is Me!! My Poor Pets!!

Hey guys,

I have just done the hardest thing a book lover should have to do, I CANCELLED MY BOOKS AT THE LIBRARY!! SEVEN OF THEM!!! I feel like I've lost my children... I'm going to the gaelteacht on Thursday and that means no books!!! And no BLOG!!! How will you live without me??????? (All of those drama classes really paid off in this post!!) I will be back on the twelfth of August and I will post all about my adventures in Lurgan!! My poor pets, how, HOW will you live without this to give you hope??????

Okay, enough of the dramatics! I'm going away on Thursday and you WILL survive without me or I will post no more!! (Whoops, still a little bit dramatic) I'm still very sorry about my books..........


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

Hey guys,

I've got a question for you. Is graffiti art or vandalism? I think it's half and half, it depends who's drawing it. I looked up some pictures of graffiti and some it is surprisingly beautiful. Take a look:


Although some of it is bad:

This poor cow and I'm not trying to be funny, it is cruel.

Some of it is eye-catching, it is sometimes right:

Another one is political graffiti:
It's the thought of someone and they wanted it heard.

And last, one I thought was just funny:

 This post was inspired by my sister and the novel she is writing!,

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Misguided Ghosts

Ever fell like a misguided ghost? I love this song but it makes me feel so sad, so lost, so scared.

Clíodhna x


Hey guys,

As you have seen I have a bar on the side that has some good links in it. One of those links is to a tumblr called bookfessions. I have it marked as 'A True Bibliophile!' just to let you know. It is hilarious to be quite frank. It has all these little sayings and confessions, like the one I have at the bottom of this page! Have a look, you won't regret it!!

Clíodhna x


Hey guys,

The worst thing in the world is packing. I'm exaggerating but still, it's pretty bad. I pulled out every stitch of clothing I own which was a big mistake because I have quite a small room and it cannot handle being swamped in clothes and most of it either doesn't fit or I don't think it's even mine! One of the tops I found that wasn't mine was my sister's and I've had it so long it doesn't even fit her, so she gave it to me! Another thing is that when you're packing and you aren't quite finished without asking someone else's advice so you can't wear anything! You have to wear something that you are definitely not bringing which is usually too grungy to bring! Ugh, I hate packing!! But I love Lurgan!!


Monday, 11 July 2011


Hey guys,

I've been writing more and now I have summarized descriptions of all of the magical realms. Also, there are vampires in this book, and werewolves, but none of this Twilight crap! They work together and if they even think there is an edible being in their realm, they will kill it faster than you can say 'Whoops, wrong realm!'. Goodbye and Goodnight!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Book Review!! (I know, I always want to do these but never do!)

Hello there Everybody,

I have a book review for you today. I know I don't review books, or anything for that matter, very often but I like to every now and again. I would like to be like a one of those big blogs with a review everyday and over a thousands hits everyday and over 700 'minions' but I think I connect more, or something, like I give you this little introduction (see look at me go!) whereas they launch into everything. I hope you actually read this little introduction because it actually masks the fact that I'm searching for the book I was going to review because I picked it up and now I can't find (damn brain, where the hell did I put it? Brain: Me no know). I hope this distracts you.... AHA!! I found it!I found it!! (singsongy voice). Now I can continue!!!!!!!!
Title: Last Chance
Author: Sarah Dessen
Best time to read: Summer when you're bored and actually thinking school would be nice, don't worry this book will save you!
Rating: 3 stars (I haven't figured out how to do the star picture thingy)
Blurb(hehe, funny word!): Never in one place long enough to put down roots, Colie doesn't expect her trip to the North Carolina coast to change a thing, and that's fine by her. Colie's resigned herself to a holiday with only her eccentric Aunt Mira for company. 
                                                                                          But then Colie herself a waitressing job at the Last Chance cafe and things begin to change. Here she finds acceptance, new friends and the beginnings of romance...

Okay, it's not a work of art in the ways of literature but it's funny and a great summer read. Colie is a nickname for Nicole, just to let you know! Colie's mother is Kiki Sparks, a world-famous fitness trainer with her own line of products and everything. Kiki is going on tour to Europe and sends Colie to her Aunt Mira's house in North Carolina.When she is at her Aunt's house, you can see that Mira is clearly eccentric. Norman lives in Mira's basement (not creepily, she rents it out to him) and he works at Last Chance cafe.There are two waitresses working at Last Chance, Morgan and Isabel. Colie is offered a job and she takes it never expecting what will happen.

It isn't a great book because it is very predictable. You can tell what's going to happen, it doesn't mean it's not fun waiting to see how it turns out. I think it would be better if the author told us about Colie at the beginning  so we can know and be worried for her. In ways it isn't so predictable because the author needs to tell us about Colie, the bits and pieces that she feeds us are enough to be like 'What happened?!' but not enough to know exactly what happened.

Like I said it's not a work of art but it's good. It's old, 1999, so don't be surprised when Colie is using a Walkman instead of an iPod. It tackles issues like bullying, slander, weight, friends, work, family and sorry cards. Sarah Dessen artfully weaves these heavy issues into a lighthearted book that will make you want to run to your nearest town and go to every cafe asking for a job! It is a summer read but one that will make you think of school. I recommend it to those who are getting bored with summer, you will have your spirits lifted! And to those who are enjoying summer, it will make you appreciate it more! Jeez, that was fun to do!! See you all next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Too many !'s?)