Thursday, 21 July 2011

Farewell, I bid you aideau, Slán!!

Greetings to the people of the planet, Earth, this is your all-powerful leader,

I am off to the Gaelteacht tomorrow and I will have no access to the internet (or proper music) for three weeks. I am still packing and walking around saying to myself, 'you can't sit down because I am sure that you forgot something'. I am looking forward to Lurgan (the gaelteacht) immensely. Here is a video of the activities in Lurgan (tags + song are in Irish) 

Bye for three weeks!!
xxx Slán!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh Woe Is Me!! My Poor Pets!!

Hey guys,

I have just done the hardest thing a book lover should have to do, I CANCELLED MY BOOKS AT THE LIBRARY!! SEVEN OF THEM!!! I feel like I've lost my children... I'm going to the gaelteacht on Thursday and that means no books!!! And no BLOG!!! How will you live without me??????? (All of those drama classes really paid off in this post!!) I will be back on the twelfth of August and I will post all about my adventures in Lurgan!! My poor pets, how, HOW will you live without this to give you hope??????

Okay, enough of the dramatics! I'm going away on Thursday and you WILL survive without me or I will post no more!! (Whoops, still a little bit dramatic) I'm still very sorry about my books..........


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

Hey guys,

I've got a question for you. Is graffiti art or vandalism? I think it's half and half, it depends who's drawing it. I looked up some pictures of graffiti and some it is surprisingly beautiful. Take a look:


Although some of it is bad:

This poor cow and I'm not trying to be funny, it is cruel.

Some of it is eye-catching, it is sometimes right:

Another one is political graffiti:
It's the thought of someone and they wanted it heard.

And last, one I thought was just funny:

 This post was inspired by my sister and the novel she is writing!,

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Misguided Ghosts

Ever fell like a misguided ghost? I love this song but it makes me feel so sad, so lost, so scared.

Clíodhna x


Hey guys,

As you have seen I have a bar on the side that has some good links in it. One of those links is to a tumblr called bookfessions. I have it marked as 'A True Bibliophile!' just to let you know. It is hilarious to be quite frank. It has all these little sayings and confessions, like the one I have at the bottom of this page! Have a look, you won't regret it!!

Clíodhna x


Hey guys,

The worst thing in the world is packing. I'm exaggerating but still, it's pretty bad. I pulled out every stitch of clothing I own which was a big mistake because I have quite a small room and it cannot handle being swamped in clothes and most of it either doesn't fit or I don't think it's even mine! One of the tops I found that wasn't mine was my sister's and I've had it so long it doesn't even fit her, so she gave it to me! Another thing is that when you're packing and you aren't quite finished without asking someone else's advice so you can't wear anything! You have to wear something that you are definitely not bringing which is usually too grungy to bring! Ugh, I hate packing!! But I love Lurgan!!


Monday, 11 July 2011


Hey guys,

I've been writing more and now I have summarized descriptions of all of the magical realms. Also, there are vampires in this book, and werewolves, but none of this Twilight crap! They work together and if they even think there is an edible being in their realm, they will kill it faster than you can say 'Whoops, wrong realm!'. Goodbye and Goodnight!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Book Review!! (I know, I always want to do these but never do!)

Hello there Everybody,

I have a book review for you today. I know I don't review books, or anything for that matter, very often but I like to every now and again. I would like to be like a one of those big blogs with a review everyday and over a thousands hits everyday and over 700 'minions' but I think I connect more, or something, like I give you this little introduction (see look at me go!) whereas they launch into everything. I hope you actually read this little introduction because it actually masks the fact that I'm searching for the book I was going to review because I picked it up and now I can't find (damn brain, where the hell did I put it? Brain: Me no know). I hope this distracts you.... AHA!! I found it!I found it!! (singsongy voice). Now I can continue!!!!!!!!
Title: Last Chance
Author: Sarah Dessen
Best time to read: Summer when you're bored and actually thinking school would be nice, don't worry this book will save you!
Rating: 3 stars (I haven't figured out how to do the star picture thingy)
Blurb(hehe, funny word!): Never in one place long enough to put down roots, Colie doesn't expect her trip to the North Carolina coast to change a thing, and that's fine by her. Colie's resigned herself to a holiday with only her eccentric Aunt Mira for company. 
                                                                                          But then Colie herself a waitressing job at the Last Chance cafe and things begin to change. Here she finds acceptance, new friends and the beginnings of romance...

Okay, it's not a work of art in the ways of literature but it's funny and a great summer read. Colie is a nickname for Nicole, just to let you know! Colie's mother is Kiki Sparks, a world-famous fitness trainer with her own line of products and everything. Kiki is going on tour to Europe and sends Colie to her Aunt Mira's house in North Carolina.When she is at her Aunt's house, you can see that Mira is clearly eccentric. Norman lives in Mira's basement (not creepily, she rents it out to him) and he works at Last Chance cafe.There are two waitresses working at Last Chance, Morgan and Isabel. Colie is offered a job and she takes it never expecting what will happen.

It isn't a great book because it is very predictable. You can tell what's going to happen, it doesn't mean it's not fun waiting to see how it turns out. I think it would be better if the author told us about Colie at the beginning  so we can know and be worried for her. In ways it isn't so predictable because the author needs to tell us about Colie, the bits and pieces that she feeds us are enough to be like 'What happened?!' but not enough to know exactly what happened.

Like I said it's not a work of art but it's good. It's old, 1999, so don't be surprised when Colie is using a Walkman instead of an iPod. It tackles issues like bullying, slander, weight, friends, work, family and sorry cards. Sarah Dessen artfully weaves these heavy issues into a lighthearted book that will make you want to run to your nearest town and go to every cafe asking for a job! It is a summer read but one that will make you think of school. I recommend it to those who are getting bored with summer, you will have your spirits lifted! And to those who are enjoying summer, it will make you appreciate it more! Jeez, that was fun to do!! See you all next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Too many !'s?)