Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rain and lots of it


Dreadfully sorry that I haven't written in a while old chaps!! I have been at school which means that I have been bombarded with homework. This is my first day with no homework!! Yippee!!!! *Jumps for joy* It has been raining here with rain and rain and guess what? More rain and don't forget wind. My room is still not clean which leaves (apparently) my sisters with holes in their feet from stepping on stuff on my floor. Now why they are in my room I have yet to find out....        

I went into town with my sister and then met up with my other sister and her friend (who is called penguin and I've yet to know why...) and we ended up playing cards. In the middle of the street. It was a lot of fun, not something that happens everyday. Especially to me because I rarely (and I mean rarely) go into town apart from the library and if I do go I never go with people. Unless you count my dad, I hope he doesn't read this... If he does.... Hi Dad! I love you! You do count!! (lets hope that works!!)



  1. Hobbling Sibling13 October 2011 at 20:07

    I was in your room to talk to you! You were THERE when I stepped on something and did permanent damage to my feet!! :P

  2. Yes, well that is your problem. You have to learn to step AROUND the objects and not ON them.

  3. By the way, I love that name 'Hobbling Sibling'