Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tell Me Another

Hey, I've had a brilliant idea!

Most of you may not know but I want to be an author and have tried to write books and stories before. My first, Cain, became so complicated that even I, the author, didn't understand it.  So that was a failure, but it gave me some good experience, there are some of my notes on it in my early blog posts. The second one, that I actually wrote some scenes for, is undecided as I only wrote one scene and it doesn't feel dead yet, I'll see where it goes.  My current one I only got the idea about an hour ago. So that's why I'm writing this. I enjoy writing and while I'm better at poems, I want to write a book. I love paranormal but whenever I try to write one it ends up like Cain, complicated and confusing. So I thought I would write a YA novel, just plain ordinary fiction. But I'll be using heavy themes that will make you laugh and cry and the one I'm working on now is kinda dark and should make readers cry. I know how big this dream is and how impossible it is but who said I can't hope? I like hoping, it makes things feel less dull and makes me even more determined. If any of you out there share my dream, please tell me. I'd love to have writing buddies to bounce ideas off!! Also I love stories so, as the title says, tell me another!


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