Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh Woe Is Me!! My Poor Pets!!

Hey guys,

I have just done the hardest thing a book lover should have to do, I CANCELLED MY BOOKS AT THE LIBRARY!! SEVEN OF THEM!!! I feel like I've lost my children... I'm going to the gaelteacht on Thursday and that means no books!!! And no BLOG!!! How will you live without me??????? (All of those drama classes really paid off in this post!!) I will be back on the twelfth of August and I will post all about my adventures in Lurgan!! My poor pets, how, HOW will you live without this to give you hope??????

Okay, enough of the dramatics! I'm going away on Thursday and you WILL survive without me or I will post no more!! (Whoops, still a little bit dramatic) I'm still very sorry about my books..........


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