Sunday, 13 November 2011



I am a nerd and I love it. I read for at least two hours a day on a busy day. Probably twelve hours on a good day. I work in the computer room at lunch times. I love star wars. I really want to see star trek. I get to love things in whole. Here are some quotes, in picture form, from a fellow nerd:


I am reblogging this from Wil Wheaton, who posted it on his tumblr. I said a thing that Wil Wheaton posted on his tumblr.
(Once, I met Wil Wheaton at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair. He was very nice.)



I am WAY too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.
I actually tend to flail my limbs in enthusiasm.

My enthusiasm leads to happy dances, squealing, screaming, clapping, bouncing, and manic grinning.
I’m pretty damn proud to be enthusiastic about things.

What do you think??

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