Friday, 25 November 2011


 Hello people of earth who read my blog or random people who have stumbled onto this wondering what the hell I'm on about,

My French teacher is a wonderfully eccentric woman and therefore she is obviously hilariously funny. She takes up entire classes telling us how she does not follow fashion but still somehow manages to look stylish and fashionable (her words, not mine but she does pull it off exceptionally well). We were on the topic of bread and then somehow we ended up on the topic of beans, yes beans you saw the title of this post didn't you? My teacher starts telling us this tale of how she and her husband had an argument over the colour of beans, yes the colour of beans now stop interrupting me.Her husband thought beans were orange but she thought that they were white and they looked orange because they came in a red sauce. So when she was using beans in the making of their dinner she drained a couple. She saw they were white and felt triumphant so she went out to the shop. She came back to find that the beans were now orange. Her husband had gone out and bought an orange magic marker and coloured the beans orange. He never admitted to it, he always said that they were orange and she just thought they were white.

I laughed, a lot,

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