Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nightmares, Dreams and Summer: Focusing on the Nightmare

Hey guys,

Ugh, I'm so wrecked. This blog is called Nightmares, Dreams and Summer and I have been having a recurring nightmare. It is terrifying. It is going on a boat and arriving on some bit of land and under the pier there is a rock face with a cave in it and in the cave is a scrawny, little man and a thing that looks enough like a human but has elongated teeth (all of them, not just the canines so he's not a vampire) and horrible, peeling skin. I can hear them
talking and this is how it goes:
Scrawny Man: When do you want it? (whimpering)
Monster-Man: As....soon....as.........Now! I need it now! (His voices croaks as he says the 'as', 'soon' and 'as'.)
S-M: Okay, I'll go. (cowering away from him)
(Scrawny-Man leaves, hobbling as he goes)
Monster-Man turns and starts going into the cave while licking his hand but then the boat sounds a whistle or something and he turns back around.
(seeing me looking at him...)
M-M: Hmmm..., you.
I stare at him, horror-struck.
M-M: I guess I'll be seeing you around. (he licks his lips and says it menacingly and I can see his eyes, they're like  a cats, glinting in the moonlight)
He turns and runs into the cave and I look at something that he was standing over, it's a pile of bones, human bones with scraps of meat still on them and a skull in the centre of the pile.

Freaky or what?? Seriously what's wrong with my subconscious??? I need to do something about it......


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