Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Hunger Games Movie!

Hey guys!!

I SAW THE HUGER GAMES LAST NIGHT. It was so awesome!!!! All HG fans should see this! It was seriously like the best book to film adaptation I have ever seen!! And Josh Hutcherson was, as was expected, brilliant as Peeta but Jennifer Lawrence outshined him as Katniss! She was the Katniss I imagined! Strong and tough but still cared for Prim, Gale, Peeta and Rue. The scene with Rue was so sad!!! Prim was great too! When Katniss and Peeta kissed they went back to District 12 and showed Gale watching it and the entire cinema just went "Oooooooooooooooohh!!" and then we all laughed! It was a great experience! It was as if everyone in the cinema was connected and we were one person! The cheers when it started after sitting through all the ads had the cinema workers laughing! \they only changed two things and one wasn't significant but the other was the ending and that bugged me a little! but only a little!It was that they left it a bit vague whereas the book was definite!

Great night! Really enjoyed it! Go see it now, HG fans!!

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  1. I really enjoyed it too! (Altho I am NOT a Peeta fan) glad you liked it! My cinema was boring, we had no joint reactions

    The Cait Files