Monday, 16 January 2012

Book Blogging

Hello all,

I have decided to do a bit more book blogging than a random review here and there. Don't worry I'll still do my regularly irregular random posts but will have book blogging features such as cover reviews, book reviews, Waiting on Wednesday and In My Mailbox (though I haven't figured out the webcam properly, still can barely hear me maybe I'll just shout....). Hope you guys will like it and hopefully attract more readers. If you think it is a very bad idea as in you've hated my reviews or you want more of my "normal" posts instead then comment and let me know. You guys can decide! The fate of this blog rests in your powerful hands. I also notice that I'm getting more and more views from America! That's great and I found it mind boggling that some random girl in Ireland could reach 935 people as of today. I started on the 31st of May 2011 and look at me now. Not much with one follower but still, I reach people in Australia, India, Latvia, (a lot of) Ireland and an increasing number in America!! I'm extremely happy with this but if you guys like this blog then please (PLEASE!) tell your friends about it! Get more readers and if you find yourself coming back here thinking "What the hell could she have written next?!?" then follow! You can follow publicly or privately and do it using gmail or google, facebook, twitter and plenty of other things that I haven't really heard of. So tell people! Follow! I also have buttons at the bottom of the page for sharing this on facebook and for tweeting about it on Twitter!! I would like to be up to 1150 by March at the latest and you guys can help! Thanks so much for all your support and I do my best to write regular enough posts and to reply to any comments I get. Though mostly they're my sister! And one I didn't reply to was Dee Larry on Lurgan because to be quite honest, I wasn't sure how to! Giant Teddy Bears was kind of a figure of speech but thanks anyway (I loved that site, very cute bears). Also I have my Goodreads challenge for this year which is......160 books!! If I can get on track I'll increase it to 180 or more!! GOODBYE EVERYBODY AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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