Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while lots of crazy stuff happened and happening:

1) I have a cold, which is NOT FUN!

2) My sister is studying for her Leaving Certificate mocks!! (A-Levels, SATs, etc.)

3) I got my braces off!! But have a (stupid) retainer.

4) Lots of computer stuff going on.

5) Got results!!! For Christmas Tests!! Really Happy but still need to get grades up in places!

6) Reading manga like crazy! My friend introduced me to a couple of manga series and can't stop reading them! have read 10 and a half manga books in a few days!!

7) I thought my cat was in the fridge but it turned out that the my fridge is just weird....

8) Going to see The Darkest Hour on Saturday!!

9) Got tons of English homework!

10) Now because mocks are on for 3rd and 6th years I'm going to be moved all over the place and have tons of frees!

So, yeah, that's a lot! I'll post properly soon!!!!!!


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