Friday, 6 January 2012

Sleeping Habits

Ugh, I am so tired. I'm not even bothered to say hello... Hey people

For the last 6 days I have been ending up going to sleep at 7am and waking up at something like 12pm. My dad said that I have school next week and can't be wide awake at 4 in the morning anymore so I had to get up at 8am no matter how long I had slept. I didn't sleep at all. I have been awake for 26 hours must remain so until at very least 8pm tonight. Not. Fun.  nearly fell asleep on the couch and my sister ate my head off about it saying that my dad would give out hell to us both, me for sleeping and her for letting me. This is going to be a great day... by the way happy 2012. I promise to post more, read at least a 100 books this year and to write more (well put brain goo on paper more and hopefully, more better, is there even a word for this?!?! I shall invent one!!!! Bettererly!!!!! Ah well Aoife you're in for a tough year with me!! I need to sleep more though.

Bye for now,

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