Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Book Review: Strange Angels

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I already talked about this book on an earlier post but I just thought that it was so good that it deserved a proper review! So here it is:

Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St.Crow
Link to Promo Trailer(for book, NOT A MOVIE):
 Plot: Dru Anderson is a teenage girl who moves from town to town hunting things that go bump in the night. Dru is completely comfortable with an AK-47 but not with people her age. She clears out spirit nests and gets rid of poltergeists. Even though she's never asked for help she crumbles when a rotting corpse comes knocking at her back door. She must ask the local baby-faced Goth Boy for help but anyone she gets close to ends up involved with the Real World. She must fight because whatever made the rotting corpse is coming for her next....

Strange Angels is a chilling thriller that any supernatural fan would love. It has blood, love and betrayal. Which brings me to the names of the other books. The second book is Betrayals, the third book is Jealously, the fourth book is Defiance and the fifth book will be Reckoning(it's not out yet).


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