Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fathers' Day

Went shopping with my sisters today to get a fathers' day present. My dad is so hard to shop for and I'm guessing most dads are hard to shop for, I mean they don't want clothes, CD's, books, money, vouchers or barely any DVDs!! Why not? What is wrong with all these things? Seriously, there has to be something they want besides chocolate!! We ended up getting.. Well maybe I shouldn't say just in case my dad reads this. He normally doesn't but he might think that I would have posted what we got, OH I'M ON TO YOU DAD!! He will not know until Sunday! It's awkward because it's fathers' day on Sunday but his birthday is on the 2nd of July, the day after mine! So we have to find TWO presents for him in about 3 weeks! I'm not a tight purse, it's just we won't be able find two things that he will even remotely like! Uggghhhhhhh!! Bye, I have to go and worry that I didn't get the right thing for him.


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