Thursday, 2 June 2011


Hey Everybody,

Summer is finally here! I finished my exams today! Also very big news, last month I was one of the lucky people
at a Skype chat in my school with CHRIS GARDNER!! The author of The Pursuit of Happyness. It is his life story. At the Skype chat we got to speak with him and his son!! He also said he would send autographed copies of his book to each and everyone of us! I got mine today and on the inside page it say "To Clíodhna, Chris Gardner" I LOVE IT!! It is on my TBR list (TBR is To Be Read, to those who do not know). It is very warm here today, like 20 degrees Celsius!! Hugged everybody before I left school today because some of them I won't see until September!! That is 3 months away. Well duh, you can count. Why did I put that there? Oh well, today I am going to see the cover of what will be the most amazing book ever, The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa!! Also she released her novella Summer's Crossing yesterday, it can be downloaded from her website!! I must say goodbye because I have to see the cover NOW!!


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