Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I gots Kittens!

Hello Everybody,

Excuse my bad grammar in the title but it illustrates the excitement I feel. The kittens are so cute and they slept nearly all day!! I will upload a picture of them later or tomorrow, I'll do it eventually. I am currently reading Gone by Michael Grant. So far as I have gotten, it is a gripping read, pulling you into a story filled with peril and confusion. The peril is the talking coyotes, flying snakes and cats, Caine and his lackeys taking control and the (still to me) mysterious 'Darkness'. The confusion is why? Why did this happen? Why here? Why now? Why fifteen? What caused the mutant powers? Why did Sam and Caines' mom give up just Caine? It is a very compelling and interesting read, one of the best I've read this year and that's competing with City of Fallen Angels, Strange Angels, Need, The Hunger Games and Clockwork Angel, which are all incredible books written by amazing authors. Gone gives me a burning desire to read more and find out not just what happens to the hero but why does it happen, why is Sam the catalyst that sparked this 'war'?


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