Saturday, 25 June 2011


Hey Everybody,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in ages!! I just kinda, well, um.... I forgot. I'm THE biggest scatter-brain ever!!! I swear, if my head wasn't screwed on, I would be asking you to look in the bottom of my wardrobe for it! Days are nice though, I'm getting TWO KITTENS on Monday (gray+ginger(Oscar(I love putting brackets in brackets in brackets, um now where was I? Oh yes))), I got my report a few days ago plus my piano result (school: 10 A's + 3 B's, Piano 90%= Distinction) and it is my birthday on Friday and my dad's birthday on Saturday plus I had my showcase today. My showcase was insane, our main actress was sick and the person playing a director in the show was gone and our killer missed the bus. The killer showed up a little bit before the show but I had to fill in for the director!! I was pretending to check the scenery on stage and nearly knocked over this great big black piece of wood acting as a divider between backstage and the stage! It was alright, our drama teacher said to us just before we went out ' I love you all and you're brilliant to work with but you're all off your heads!'. I guess he was a bit right, we were off our heads, there was no way we got possibly pull it off without some incidents. Finally my birthday, yes people get excited over there birthdays but not me, it's just any other day really, I hate big fuss and although a surprise party is nice for someone else, I would most likely sit there quietly then later ask what the hell were you thinking. I'm hoping for maybe a book and a cookie from Subway. Yum!

Well ta-ta for now,

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