Friday, 10 June 2011

By the Angel!!

Hello Everybody,

To explain today's blog post title I will say that I am hopefully getting a kitten or even 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the 'By the Angel!!' is from a book and I keep saying that instead of 'Oh My God!!'. There is a gray, short-haired, girl kitten, a tabby, boy kitten and a ginger kitten that we don't know the gender of. I REALLY REALLY LOVE the gray kitten. She has a white spot around her nose and tiny little splashes of white on her paws. She has kinda bluey eyes that look so innocent and downright ADORABLE!!!! I'm so excited!! Yes, I'm very worried about the same thing that has happened to my past cats will happen to my new cat(s) but Mittens lived a very good life here, no doubt about that. My sister likes prawns and also loves cats so Mittens ended up eating a few prawns by the fire while it snowed, which is a very good life if you ask me. I will post the results of the kittens later or tomorrow!! Bye!!


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