Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Story

Hey Everybody,

My 'About Me' says I love to write which is true. It also says that I'm working on a fiction story at the moment which is also true. I want to share with you my ideas of the story as I haven't put it together yet. I want to say that ALL of these ideas are my own. I have most of the plot and also have done sketches of certain things in the story, like the villain's eye. There are some bullet points which are just snippets of what I've put together and there are some bullet points of the plot, I think I'll just separate them.

  • Screwdriver in my hand as I crept to the window to see what was at the door making my heart beat so fast even when I knew I  had to be silent.
  • Leaves swirling around me, branches scraping my face. Where am I? 
  • Bandages spilling out of the case as I quickly grabbed one and ripped the cover off. 
  • What’s a dream and what’s reality?
  • Forever is a very, very long time, you do know that?
  • Creatures of the Night 
  • Creatures of the Light
  • Peace is not possible
  • Red, raw hand from too many punches
  • 4 names- Given, Chosen, True, Destined 

  • Technology is taking over the world and Niamh must save it but first she must discover her destined name to have complete control over the body that was never meant to be hers…
  • Niamh’s consciousness is implanted into another body, a dead human baby. This was done in the future which is ruled by an evil overlord. This was done to Niamh because she has special mind powers with which she might be able to defeat the overlord, but just not in the present time of the story.  She must journey to the past, to the time of her original life.
  • Her consciousness was kept alive, but sleeping, by scientists from the past. The lab was destroyed by the overlord (in his early stages of domination) and the canister, with her mind was lost.
  • After the overlord used Magic/His own special mind powers to make himself invincible and immortal, scientists (or the future equivalent) set out to find the legendary canister containing their salvation (only one of them know about Niamh and that she is what is in the canister, most of them think that when they open the canister the overlord will be sucked inside).
  • She doesn’t know it but one of the scientists is Niamh’s niece but she is also the daughter of the overlord which means that the overlord is Niamh’s brother, Cian.  
  • (This isn’t found out until the end) But Cian’s consciousness has been removed too and has been replaced by the overlord who calls himself CAIN.
  • If Niamh can find Cian’s consciousness she can end Cain’s reign of terror.
  • Cain is the fifth element, Technology.
  • Find Niamh’s body.
  • Technology is the fifth element.
  • Magic is the sixth element.
  • Niamh: Thick, curly brown hair, silver-grey eyes, pale skin, tall, skinny frame.
  • Niamh’s new body has been made synthetically to look exactly like her but the body wasn’t meant to be controlled. It isn’t used to having a mind inside it and disobeys Niamh’s mind.
  • Emily doesn’t know who exactly Niamh is but she does know that she is Cain’s daughter. Her mother is one of the scientists.
  • Emily: Straight brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, tall, skinny frame.
There is more to it about magical realms with all sorts of magical creatures, like my own creation: Waivers. Yes, I know that waivers already exist as documents but my Waiver is new. The Waivers are wise, ancient creatures capable of controlling the elements- Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Magic, Technology. They each have one element that is their best and their focus, they cannot use the other elements very well. A Magic centered Waiver is very hard to find...but still possible.....

Hope you like it,

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