Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Nice, LONG walk

Hey Everybody,

Today me and my friend went for a walk with my friend's dog. Her dog is small and not used to long walks but we went to a sort of park with a river on one side and a canal on the other with the walkway in the middle. We went in and each bridge is a checkpoint. We started walking and reached the checkpoint that we left at before but I said let's go on further that there's probably another checkpoint in a while. That was after 20 minutes of walking. We kept walking and it cleared up of trees and it was all sunny and pretty with dogs running and we were walking along a path next to the river, off the main path. After half an hour I got worried. I asked a passer-by how far to the next checkpoint and she said "Oh about 20 minutes and there are some ruins, it's very beautiful but it's about 2 kilometres to the next town". Now this was of no use to me because of have no sense of distance/time. We kept walking and it started raining. Raining. We were soaked. Not to mention the poor dog. I then got a call from my sister saying that it was time for dinner and I was a couple miles from home and no clue where exactly where i was. My mum and dad had a fit!! My dad drove  to find us asking for directions. I was almost in tears because I was afraid he wouldn't be able to find us and I was constantly apologising to my friend for getting us lost. We finally got to another checkpoint. my dad found us and I barely got into trouble. We ended up walking about 3.5 miles. How is that for long?? I was wet, thirsty, hungry and cold also sore.


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