Monday, 6 June 2011

Hello Again!

Hello again everybody,

Sorry I've haven't posted in so long but I've been a busy bee. My dad and I have fixed up my mum's old bike and now I have barely stopped cycling, maybe it was the skyride ad that inspired me to do it. I also made apple crumble today but I forgot to put sugar in the crumble until it was on the apples so it was more apples with pastry and sugar on top, still nice though. Couldn't figure out how to get that novella, Summer's Crossing but saw the cover for Iron Knight!! It's so amazing!! I can't wait to read it! Here is the cover:
Isn't it so awesome? All rights to this cover belong to Julie Kagawa. The tagline is SOULLESS, BANISHED BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN    THE IRON FEY. I should stop going on about this, you might have to kill me. I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Ron:  Ronald Weasley and the Time I Tried to Save My Sister But Ended Up Stuck With Lockhart Instead, Hermione: Hermione Granger and the Time I Couldn't Get Two Idiots Out of a Crisis Because I Was Petrified By The Basilisk) I prefer Harry's title, don't you? It's shorter. I also must mention that I love the series Strange Angels. It's about this girl called Dru Anderson and she moves from town to town with her dad hunting things that go bump in the night. Unfortunately for Dru (and her dad), her dad comes down with a bad case of reanimation (zombification)  and Dru is left on her own to find out who did that to him. Well maybe the Baby-faced Goth Boy will help or the sixteenth of a vampire with ice-blue eyes.... You'll have to find out for yourself but remember Nobody tells Dru What To Do, she's a Night Hunter, Knife Thrower and a Heart Breaker. Here's the cover of the first book:

Bye For Now!


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